I’d like to find easy words to explain how and why this project has born so, which better way to tell you the thoughts that had developed it ?

After spending years working as a fashion model I’ve realised how the fashion industry was in need of a refreshed.  “Too much superficial for my tastes” I repeated to myself, as a model I could put all the passion of the world but without products made with the exactly same passion it will remain just mere appearance.  I decided to get out of that world by that time too distant from my real self. So I move into something new and after few years in the world of the web marketing and writing, some lucky coincidences started to shape something new.

The first sign has been the meeting with a model agency, a completely brand new kind of agency, based on humans beings with theirs passions and their own individuals merits, no more standardised models of the “fashion industry’s canons”.  As second, I’ve opened two blogs: one of creative writing and another of information. Here I had the chance to get more passionate by writing and self-convinced me that through it I’ve could do something useful for all people.  It seemed that everything was going great when one day, perchance, I’ve asked myself where all this could have bring me. Will ever be useful for someone writing books? So I ‘ve started reflecting, doing researches, reading books and I’ve realised that I hadn’t to seek out too deeply, what could do good for others there was already and it was all inside me. What really made me felt good was the feeling that the chooses ofmy daily life had in my life, the impact on the environment and in the society. The choice of either, take and utilise, products that exploit animals, trying to live a life the most in harmony with nature, the choice of respect each other and encourage them to grow more and more in the most sustainable way.

And here it’s the third point: sustainability.  What is sustainable and how could we still dress up fashionable, eat good and travel in the respect of the environment?  levolove is born for share with you what I love, what makes me feel good, with the hope that you will love it too because, you know, there is no biggest form of evolution than love.