How do you launch a sustainable brand?


We were questioning about which are the aspects to consider for being able to open and for being considerate a sustainable brand. Apart from the raw material utilized, in which other phases of the production do we need to keep a special eye towards the environment? How do we choose the providers, which criteria to stick with, which kind of certifications to ask for? Is it better that the employees are from their country? Or is it better to join projects for the social development of population in economic recovery?

Helping us to shed some light on some of this points there is Bianca, entrepreneur and creative, born Slovenian but American adopted that in the last few years has created a real ecology’s kingdom.

  • What is your position in BeeZee EcoLand?

I am a founder, designer and do everything for BeeZee EcoLand project. I am otherwise architectural engineer who did masters in computer arts and worked very long time in advertising world of New York City as creative and art director. I was born in Slovenia that I left very fast in my life but now leave between Düsseldorf and Amsterdam, plus Slovenia and Croatia in summer months. I also visit Italy every year because our family LOVES it!

Bianca in a yoga BeeZee Ecoland outfit


  • When did you start this project? What pushed you into adopting a politics of sustainability?

I am vegan 26 years (43 vegetarian) who worked in advertising and learned about what goes on behind the scenes of fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, C&A, Forever 21… It was shock! On top I have skin allergies, so I started truly researching this field too. After talking to my mom’s friend who also lost job in textile industry I decided to start making my own clothes. I wanted to be truly pure, ethical, healthy and versatile small brand that can do personalized products that you cannot buy anywhere else.

BeeZee EcoLand is certified ethical (fair trade, vegan) and healthy (organic, natural, toxic free zero waste and low profit) project. Also, all of our fabrics are made in EU (UK, Spain, Italy and Slovenia)

  • Production wise – who designs the clothes and who makes the products?Metka-OurMainSeamstress

Sewing is done by 3 single moms who lost jobs in local Slovene textile factory closed down because of outsourcing to Asia in 2009. My girls use to work for Gucci, Hugo Boss and Escada, so they are very detailed oriented like myself. I design it all and help my girls develop items I truly love, I focus on details and quality as well. Quality is important just as much as health and design.


  • What criteria do you adopt in the choice of the materials?

Our materials have to be made in EU (source of cotton/hemp/bamboo/linen plants transparent), have organic and fair-trade certificates – even better zero waste and alternative energy produced certificates. I love recycling but prefer on my skin and for disposing purposes down the line natural biodegradable materials. Our materials are fungus/odor resisted (bamboo mixes, bamboo), durable (organic cotton, linen & hemp fibers are strong) and SUPER soft and comfortable. I truly choose what feels and looks the best to me.

  • Regardless of the E-commerce and sales – do you operate through retail shops or other types of stores?

Mostly we sell online via Facebook  and Instagram or people just email me directly ( We do have our items in a central vegan Düsseldorf shop, but I am always looking for more shops who would take our items in of course all over EU. Having my own physical shop is way too pricey for low profit project like ours sadly but I do my best online. We are small, so all services are very personal and our clients are also our friends and part of big BeeZee EcoFamily.

  • What type of message do you want to send to those who do not have a clear interest in sustainable clothing?

Please research the topic of fast toxic fashion and where your clothes come from exactly and you might change your mind. Also – skin is our biggest, most unprotected organ so all those chemicals in your clothes (pesticides, herbicides from cotton f.i., toxic colours…) enter your blood stream in 6 seconds and keep on entering for up to 8 hours you wear these clothes. Also check the effect of fabric colouring on the nature and wildlife. After meat & dairy industry, oil industry, fashion industry is destroying our planet the most.

Watch ” The true cost” for see what goes behind fast-fashion


  • Future projects?

Our collections are based on NEEDS of my family (kids, babies, husband, parents, friends, dogs, cats and myself) so we truly do what we love only. I also like doing goods for home and pets too – healthy beds, seats, bedding, toys so I will keep on doing that too. I will go with the flow and enjoy this project that helps people so much, nature, animals and brings joy in general to all of us involved. Health, happiness and well-being of our clients is ALWAYS our priority. I hope more people hear about us and become part of our family helping us to make this planet a better place for all living beings.

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